Word of the Week 24/06/2017 Summer #WotW

Summer well and truly arrived this week didn’t it! although I could have done with out the 30 plus degree temperatures…. that’s the main reason the blog got abandoned.. too hot to think!

After I’d made sure the kids were covered in sun cream, had sun hats and plenty of water to take to school with them, I had to remember to do the same for myself.. standing out on a playground in that heat is no fun! You know it’s too hot when the Little Dears all run for the shade round the edges of the playground and the middle of it is deserted! I found a shady spot too.. after all that’s where the kids were LOL!

I do admit I forgot to water my plants at the start of this heatwave.. not something you do twice.. I found waiting until 9pm/10pm was best as it wasn’t quite as blazing hot then. My lilies have now died off but my fuschia is getting ready to spring into full bloom.

We had the first BBQ of the year last weekend and ate outside, which was very nice.

It was the Summer Solstice this week and also both my Mother in Law and Father in Law’s 80th birthdays 🙂

In four weeks.. count ’em – I am… four weeks until the kids finish school for the summer holidays! can’t wait! we don’t have any plans as yet, I shall be happy at home knowing I can lie in LOL!



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