#SSAmazingAchievements 22/06/2017 Horse Riding Without A Helper

Madam has been going to horse riding lessons for about 2 years now. Sometimes she just likes to sit there for the ride and not actually do any work, which is fine as long as she’s happy but a little frustrating when you know she can do better.

On Saturday she rode unaccompanied for at least 90% of the lesson. She held the reigns short – after I reminded her! and she had full control of the horse (Lozzie Lou) She did her rising trot really well, which is not easy when you have floppy ankles and remembered to sit properly on the horse – no slouching! I was so proud of her 🙂 She even rode in and out of obstacles! I hope she gets to ride without a helper for the next lesson as Madam can do it and will do it if she has to, but if someone is helping then she won’t.

4 thoughts on “#SSAmazingAchievements 22/06/2017 Horse Riding Without A Helper

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