Word of the Week 2/6/2017 Home #WotW

I could have had several words this week, decorating, trampoline, weather, summer, garden.. but they all relate to one thing – HOME.

That’s where we’ve been this week, hubby has been decorating Madam’s bedroom (Twilight Sparkle purple and Pinkie Pie pink) it looks very bright but she loves it and that’s all that matters. He has also put the kids new trampoline up(with some help from my Dad) and they have spent all day every day since outside bouncing on it… the kids that is 😀

Hubby also cut the back lawn, we had dinner outside last night and stayed out after the kids had gone to bed.

All the new plants I put in are doing really well, the kids have been helping to water them.

The weather has been incredible! summer has been here this week, no idea what next week holds but still..

Our kids are not keen on crowded places and to be honest neither am I, so when the weather is as good as this, there really is no place like home.


4 thoughts on “Word of the Week 2/6/2017 Home #WotW

  1. angiemwebster77

    Sounds lovely, it’s so nice just to spend some time at home and get stuff done isn’t it. Have a lovely weekend. #WotW

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