Word of the Week 19/05/2017 Mixed #WotW

A bit like the weather this week has been rather mixed.. I’ve spent all lunchtime in the hall with the Little Dears because of the weather, whilst it’s nice to be in when it’s raining, it is hard work.

Wednesday was our wedding anniversary and we had a table booked at a really nice restaurant. Of course it pee’d down all day, sods law, but it had stopped by the time we went out. Unfortunately Sir was on a school trip all day and he was soaked by the time he got home.

My day was made when my favourite singer followed the Twitter Fan page I run πŸ˜€ ❀

I made a lasagne with bacon for dinner last night and I have to say it was de-licious! Hubby and Sir enjoyed it too, but Madam turned her nose up…she had bacon with potato wedges instead, but she did eat it.

Something happened yesterday that did not impress or amuse me but hey ho. Best forgotten about.

Today I received my copy of Erasure’s new album and was lucky enough to get one of a limited number of signed copies πŸ˜€

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.



3 thoughts on “Word of the Week 19/05/2017 Mixed #WotW

  1. A very mixed bag for you. This rain has been awful and Wednesday was terrible, I got very wet on both school runs! Glad you had a nice anniversary and fab about your Twitter fan page! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

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