New single from Innocence and Carlos Marin Almost Paradise

Wednesday saw the release of Innocence’s latest album Paradise in Japan, it’s a revamped version of Peep Show with three new songs on it, one of them is a cover of Almost Paradise from the 80’s classic movie Footloose, originally sung by Mike Reno (of Loverboy) and the mighty Ann Wilson (of Heart) it is 80’s power ballad at it’s finest. It’s also sung in English so grab your hairbrushes folks and get ready to sing along like no one is watching!

What of Carlos and Innocence’s version then? it is magnificent. After so many years of singing together their voices blend seamlessly. Carlos proving (if you didn’t already know) that he can sing absolutely anything, in fact his voice is perfect for this kind of song and Innocence brings back the Rock Queen of her earlier albums.. much as I love her dance music it’s nice to see that again.

He has mentioned an album of duets in the future.. may I suggest an album of power ballads? I have a list if they need suggestions..


2 thoughts on “New single from Innocence and Carlos Marin Almost Paradise

  1. Diane

    and how cool to see Carlos at the piano…i agree with regards to future duets…there are so so many amazing songs out there…great review Karen

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