The Requirements of Fragile X

I was talking to one of my Twitter friends the other day and we got onto the subject of our kids, after a while she asked if Sir had “requirements”. I thought that was a lovely way to ask about him and I went on to explain about Fragile X. I related the tale to Hubby and he laughed, then he listed all of the “requirements” that whilst related to Fragile X are the lighter side of having a SEN child. So I thought it might be nice to share them with you.. do your kids have these requirements?

He requires Bobapuss the Octopuss and Pippo the Hippo, his two favourite cuddly toys.

He requires that Pippo says “Goodnight” to ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING as part of his bedtime routine.

He requires that there are always cheese, crisps and Pringles in the house. For them not to be there is unacceptable.

He requires that the washing machine and the tumble dryer are run on a regular basis so that he can sit and watch them. He knows more about how I sort my washing out than I do..

He requires that his tablet be charged and the internet be available at ALL times. We have two internet providers.. just in case.

He requires cuggles (cuddles) on demand 🙂

He requires the same story be read to him every night, even though the book is more sellotape than paper now.

He requires me to buy him a ham and cheese sandwich for his lunch every time he comes with me to the supermarket “and egg sandwich for Madam Mummy”

He requires “last go train set” before bed, in which he and hubby will send various Thomas and Friends trains round the track saying Goodnight to them.

He requires sausage and toast for breakfast at weekends and school holidays.

He requires to sit in the front of the car when just me, him and Madam go out.

He requires to listen to Il Divo on demand (good lad)

He requires a DVD with buttons on it so he can skip to precisely his favourite bit. No fancy schamcy remote controls for him.

When we visit my parents, he requires that their conservatory is ready for immediate occupation by him, his favourite Il Divo CD on the player, heater on (if it’s cold) and wifi available for his use.

He requires a limitless supply of bubble mixture.

He requires fish for his dinner.. with chips.

He requires that I vacate my side of MY bed at the weekend so that he can get in it instead.

I could go on but I’ll stop there. Writing this has made me smile, and made me realise that most of Sir’s requirements are not that complicated. Whilst he does have his difficulties and some of those can be very difficult, it’s nice to celebrate the more light hearted side.


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