Word of the Week 12/05/2017 Change #WotW

We’ve had a couple of changes here this week, nothing major, all good though. We changed our 19 year old, totally out of date but it still worked television for almost bang up to date new one. I say almost because it’s last years model and the TV makers have just updated them all, therefore the price drops and you end up with a bargain πŸ˜€

Having watched a Blu Ray on it a couple of days ago, I’m thinking of changing all my DVD’s to Blu Ray! LOL!

I mentioned before we have had a tree cut down that was leaning quite badly. My living room is now a lot lighter!

Having had lovely weather all week, today it’s horrible! it’s not cold but it’s done nothing but rain, it’s good for the garden I suppose.

On a less interesting note I’m changing all the beds today – just wish I could hang the sheets outside! never mind πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Word of the Week 12/05/2017 Change #WotW

  1. I think you deserve a new TV. I don’t like replace things unless they break, well my things anyway. We were given a newer TV but our older one is still in the garage as it still works. I have had a blu-ray player for a while now but we ten to buy DVD’s if we get any just for the cost #WotW

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