CD Review Brad Paisley “Love and War”

The past couple of Brad’s albums have unfortunately not really resonated with me, but having heard the single “Today” I pre ordered this one anyway. I’m very glad I did because to me this is much more like it, good ol’fashioned Country Rock with a little bit of humour thrown in and some impressive guests to boot, Mick Jagger, John Fogerty, Timbaland and Bill Anderson, plus a little Johnny Cash 🙂

The songs are foot tapping, arm waving, spirit lifting with lyrics about love and life. It’s an ideal album to have in the car, though please don’t arm wave whilst driving! Apparently it is also Country’s first “Visual Album” a bit like Beyonce’s Lemonade but with cowboy hats and geetars I guess.. I don’t know I don’t have an Apple account. So I’m listening to it the old fashioned way and my own imagination can fill in any visuals I might need.. Didn’t “visual albums” used to be called Music Videos? anyway I digress…

My favourite songs are “Last Time For Everything”, “Today”, “Dying To See Her” and the title “Love and War”

This album actually reminds me of his earlier work “Mud On The Tires” which is my favourite. Love and War comes a close second.

Track List

Heaven South
Last Time For Everything
One Beer Can
Go To Bed Early
Drive Of Shame (ft Mick Jagger)
Contact High
Love and War (ft John Fogerty)
Grey Goose Chase (ft Timbaland)
Gold All Over The Ground
Dying To See Her (ft Bill Anderson)
Solar Power Girl (ft Timbaland)
The Devil Is Alive And Well
Meaning Again
Heaven South (reprise)



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