A ramble about a shopping trip #FragileX

It wasn’t a special shopping trip, nothing exciting happened, it was all pretty mundane, the usual scrabble of the kids being noisy, me being harassed and trying to make sure we left each shop with all the bags we went in with, not leaving my house keys on the floor or something equally disastrous. It did highlight some amusing differences between my kids though.

We walked past a card shop, outside they had baskets of cheap pencil cases, sticker books etc. One of the baskets had My Little Pony stuff in it, which Madam spotted immediately, asking if she could have some. Well since neither of them are “I Want” kids I let her have it and I got Sir some too, even though he’s not interested in that kind of thing, I like to be fair.

Then we went for a drink.. crisps for Sir, cookie for Madam and coffee for me.

However when we went to the deli counter in the indoor market Sir was soon making his requests “Cheese, corned beef and pork pie please” that boy knows what he likes.

They both charmed the shop owners, especially Sir as he so polite, pleases, thank you’s, Goodbye’s, have a nice day etc 😀

Madam is all for tat and crap like most nearly 10 year olds, Sir is clothes and food, which to be fair is most 13 years olds… it did make me laugh when I got home and thought about it.


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