Madam’s three day residential trip

This time last week Madam set off on a two night/three day residential trip that was organised by her school. They went to an educational centre in Cannock Chase. She was so excited I thought she might explode! I had wondered if she would change her mind at the last minute but no, she bounded up onto the coach with a “Bye Mum!”

The trip was offered shortly after they went back to school in September and Madam wanted to go from the moment it was mentioned. We discussed it with, I had a couple of concerns that were quickly addressed and with that we agreed she could go.

I don’t know the full details about the trip, but from what I’ve been told by her buddy Mrs B – who went with her – she had a fabulous time. Madam told me that she got her own room instead of bunking with someone else, she did archery, they went on a night walk and may have seen a deer but they weren’t sure, the sausages they served at breakfast were “GREAT” and they sat round a camp fire with 80’s music playing. Not Ging Gang Goolie then.. LOL!

They did canoeing, rock climbing, GPS Navigation, bush craft, fire lighting and they had chores to do.

Madam has come back a lot more confident, a lot more grown up, she has discovered pop music, and even took her dinner plate out without me asking!

The experience has definitely had a positive effect on her and I wouldn’t hesitate to send her again.

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