Word of the Week 31/03/2017 Wordless #WotW

I’m not sure that is a word.. there isn’t a squiggly red line under it so I guess it is 🙂 I am “wordless” because although there are words I could use to describe this week or indeed this month I don’t want to use them, because then I’d have to put why I chose those words and I don’t want to and in a couple of cases I can’t.

But, not wanting to miss a week – I think I missed one not so long ago – I decided that Wordless would be the best word to use. It’s better than “speechless” I am most definitely NOT speechless! LOL!

However, tomorrow is a new day, a new week and a new month, here’s hoping for sunnier weather and better times ahead xx

I’m linking with Jocelyn http://www.thereadingresidence.com/word-week-31317/


9 thoughts on “Word of the Week 31/03/2017 Wordless #WotW

  1. RaisieBay

    Oh, I understand, I have those weeks when the words just don’t want to be used. And yes, I’m always looking for the red squiggly lines too. have good week next week x

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