Review Blood Brothers Belgrade Theatre Coventry 11/03/2017

Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers celebrates it’s 30th anniversary this year. I remember studying it at school, I could have gone to see the original cast (Kiki Dee, Warwick Evans, Con O’Neill) I didn’t and I’ve kicked myself ever since. For this tour they have Lyn Paul to play the lead role, she is Blood Brothers royalty.

I forget how many times I’ve seen Blood Brothers, I’ve seen many Mrs Johnsons, Stephanie Lawrence, all of the Nolan sisters.  I’d never seen Lyn Paul before though. She is to be fair an *older* Mrs Johnson but that does not detract from her performance at all and boy can she belt a tune out. Without doubt Lyn is the best Mrs Johnson I’ve seen in a very long time.

Sean Jones as Mickey was outstanding, there was a scene in the second half between Mickey and his long suffering wife Linda where not a word was spoken for at least a couple of minutes but you could feel the emotions radiating from the stage and at that point half the audience was in tears.  Very well done to both actors.

Dean Chisnall deserves mention as the omnipresent Narrator, the man who knows all the characters secrets and doesn’t hesitate to remind of them of them.

Graham Martin has more costume/character changes than anyone, his on stage transformation from slimey private school teacher to harassed state school teacher was brilliant. Never gets old however many times I see it.

The other thing that never fails is me jumping out of my skin at the end.. every single time. I know what’s going to happen but they still get me LOL!

The ending is probably the most famous bit of the show, Tell Me It’s Not True is the shows iconic song. For me this time though A Light Romance almost had me in bits, the way it sets up the final act is heart breaking.

One thing I forgot to mention and so I’ve edited the post accordingly is the backdrop that was used, a big city scape of Liverpool, lit with LED lights, like those pictures you can get at Christmas. It was very effective, almost pretty in contrast to the wet look painted set that was covered in graffiti.

You’ll notice that as ever I’ve not gone into the details of the story, Blood Brothers is best enjoyed not knowing too much about it.

Tour details can be found here


6 thoughts on “Review Blood Brothers Belgrade Theatre Coventry 11/03/2017

  1. Kim Ahmet

    I agree. I saw Blood Brothers for the first time in Windsor a coupe of weeks ago, it was one of rhe best shows ive ever seen. Lyn Paul was brilliant and Dean Chisnell has an amazing voice that suits rhe narration perfectly. Sean Jones was so good as Mickey at times yoy almost believed that he was a young child. U would recommend Blood Brothers to anyone that likes a good music and drama.

  2. Hi Karen

    It is my turn to see it again tomorrow. I never grow tired of the show. I love it. I was lucky enough to see the original London cast – I even saw it twice in one week with the original cast. I am taking a friend with me tomorrow who hasn’t seen it before so I shall give you her opinion also although she has listened to the music on youtube recently but that doesn’t give you the nuances of the live production.


      1. Hi Karen — sorry I have taken so long to get back here. I have been really busy at work and home – Dad is hard work. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. My friend has been converted and adored Blood Brothers to the point that she wants to go back again. This was one of the best versions I have seen for a long time. Mickey was excellent but I thought Eddie looked a bit old. Still got a shock when the gun went off, All in all it was a wonderful time and can’t wait for it to come back around again.

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