Word of the Week 10/03/2017 Coffee #WotW

I’ve been very social this week and needless to say that has involved the consumption of coffee, which is my second favourite drink next to wine.. 😀

There is a meme that says “Coffee keeps me going until it’s acceptable to drink wine”

I met a friend for coffee on Tuesday in a local coffee shop chain, on Wednesday I had my hair coloured and was offered coffee by the hairdresser, then I went to see my parents and had a coffee with them. I went out to lunch with a couple of the ladies I work with that day too.

Today (Thursday) I treated myself to a tiramisu sponge cake from a well known cheap supermarket and ooooooh it’s lovely! of course that has coffee in it 😀 I thought I deserved it as it’s my birthday on Saturday 🙂

Tomorrow (Friday) I am going to see another friend for a coffee morning and gossip.. can you tell this is a scheduled post? LOL!

Hope everyone has had  a good week.. coffee anyone? 😉

I will be linking with Jocelyn at some point!

12 thoughts on “Word of the Week 10/03/2017 Coffee #WotW

  1. RaisieBay

    They say coffee is good for you, but everything in moderation. I wouldn’t be able to resist a tiramisu. Happy birthday for tomorrow x

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