Word of the Week 3/3/2017 Paperwork #WotW

I’ve had lots of paperwork to deal with this week. We decided to get Madam’s passport renewed, it ran out about 2 years ago, whilst we’ve no plans to go abroad we thought we should get it done anyway. After mucking up two forms.. *ahem* I did it on line. We got her photo taken and the Deputy Head of the school I work at signed it. Sent it all off yesterday, so hopefully everything will be alright.

We’d also taken out some extra insurance on our tumble dryer, but never received the email to confirm it or the documents. Made a phone call yesterday and another email is being sent plus they will put the paperwork in the post.

We’ve had renewals for some other insurances we have, letters about Sir’s DLA, just to inform me how much he’ll get and when he’ll get it to, I have paperwork for Madam’s Annual Review but will wait until after her Parent’s Evening to sort that out.

The nicest paperwork was the Welcome letter for our holiday to Centerparcs in April 🙂 I shall register us today and maybe book a couple of meals out.

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14 thoughts on “Word of the Week 3/3/2017 Paperwork #WotW

  1. That is a lot of paperwork! I applied for the kids first passports last month, and then the husband renewed his last week, it is a faff! Nice to have the holiday paperwork, too 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. angiemwebster77

    The dreaded passport forms, I’m always worried about making a mistake on it so I inevitably do. Great news about your holiday. #WotW

  3. Paperwork certainly sounds like the right word for the week! Filling out passport forms is such a hassle. A welcome letter for your holiday at Center Parcs sounds like nice paperwork though 🙂 #WotW

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