Ball and Boe on the Let It Shine finale

Fans of any group or singer will know the feeling, a programme you don’t watch announces that he/she/they will be a guest on that show, and so you sit, you watch, you wait.. you wait some more.. you change channel..
Then when your favourite does appear they get to sing a cut down version of their song that wasn’t that long to start with and you are left feeling rather flat. So often has that happened to me that I’ve given up even watching and certainly I never ever blog about it.

However.. every now and again, once in a blue moon there is an appearance so spectacular, so completely awe inspiring that not only does it set the whole of social media on fire, but I am compelled to write a post about it. This is one of them.

I have never watched Let It Shine but I saw that the guys would be on and that they would be doing the Les Mis medley, let’s face it, they can’t go wrong with that. At six minutes long though I doubted they would do the whole thing, more of a “God on hiiiigh, there’s a grief that can’t be spoken, I dreamed a dream of time gone by..” and thank you lads that was brilliant. I didn’t bother looking in on it.

Then the Youtube appeared on my Twitter timeline… to coin some phrases that the yoof are fond of OMG I COULD NOT EVEN.. ALL THE FEELS

For a start it was indeed six minutes long! they had dropped the instrumental introduction of Look Down and Red & Black, going straight into Alfie’s Bring Him Home, then Michael’s Empty Chairs, then I Dreamed A Dream. So far, so like the album/concert. The guys had a surprise in store though.. the piece de resistance ONE DAY MORE.

Alfie sang the Valjean (obviously) , Michael was Marius (of course) I think they both did Enjloras and the choir picked up the rest. Thinking on I would loved to have heard Michael sing the Javert line but that is just me, not a criticism in any way shape or form.

If you haven’t heard it.. then here it is in all it’s glory. Enjoy!



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