World Book Day costume for Madam

World Book Day will soon be here and all the Little Dears will be dressing as a character from their favourite book, at our school they have suggested an author for each year group for the kids to use as inspiration if they wanted to. I confess I only knew one of them, CS Lewis. The school also informed us that film characters (Disney Princesses/Marvel Heroes) and footballers did not count.

I asked Madam who she wanted to be and she said Red Bird from “Red and the Great Fling Off” which is an Angry Birds reading book she loves. Not wishing to spend a fortune on something that won’t get worn again I had a look a what we already had. She has a red fleece, I got her some cheap red leggings (she will wear those again) and a cheap red t-shirt. I looked at the masks online and decided we’d be better making our own. I have some white paper plates, we have paint, I found a piece of card that could be used as a beak and I ordered some elastic (cost a couple of quid and it always comes in useful)

Today she painted the plate red and the card yellow. She has some furry eyebrows that came with her Angry Birds DVD, which we can glue to the plate. We can draw on the eyes and make holes for her to see out of and also for the elastic to go through.

She does have a Red Bird onesie which would have done at a push, but making the mask has been fun and has given her something to do over the half term that doesn’t involve Youtube.


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