Word of the Week 24/02/2017 Star Wars #WotW

We’ve been on half term this week, it’s been lovely not to rush about on school runs or to work. Madam has spent some of the time playing her Lego Star Wars game on the PS3, it’s a good game, it’s not just a shoot ’em up, there are puzzles to solve too. She also has lots of Angry Birds Star Wars stuff, which she makes up little stories with 🙂

Madam was already quite a fan of the films, she’s seen A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Hubby is a huge fan and has the three *original* films on almost every format it is possible to have them on!

One night this week, I forget which, I noticed Phantom Menace was on TV so I asked Madam if she’d like to watch it. She loved it! and she was allowed to stay up until they’d done the pod race but then it was bedtime. Since we don’t have any of the second trilogy, Hubby ordered a three disc Blu Ray with them on, the evening it arrived, Madam wanted to watch Phantom Menace again.. and then yesterday it was Attack of the Clones and I’m pretty sure today it will be Revenge of the Sith… LOL!

It is very rare in our house for more than one person to sit and watch a film at any given time never mind the same film! it is rare for any kind of film watching to be honest. Sir doesn’t seem interested, he disappeared up to his room.. nothing unusual there!

Madam seems to be a little enamoured with Anakin Skywalker bless her. I was always #TeamHan myself..

So the Force has been strong in our house this week! I hope everyone had a good half term and .. May The Force Be With You..  😉

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4 thoughts on “Word of the Week 24/02/2017 Star Wars #WotW

  1. Fab word of the week! We are a Star Wars household here, we have all of the films, so many toys, the PS4 games, you name it, we’ve got it! We do all watch the films, too, and my boy’s favourite is Anakin, though I’m a Yoda fan myself 😉 x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

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