#SSAmazingAchievements 10/02/2017 Presentation

Madam’s year group are studying the solar system/space as their topic this term and were given a homework project related to that to do over a month. They could choose from a list what they wanted to do and Madam chose to make a space helmet. However, the homework said that if they made the helmet, they would have to take part in a “space fashion parade” sounds like fun right? but she wanted no part of it. I told her that was fine, she would probably go and do something else instead.

It turns out that Miss I Don’t Want To The Parade stood up in front of the ENTIRE year group this afternoon and did a presentation on said space helmet! with no fuss whatsoever! all the teachers were very proud of her 😀 so am I.

I’m linking with Jeanette http://www.autismmumma.com/2017/02/small-steps-amazing-achievements-8217/


7 thoughts on “#SSAmazingAchievements 10/02/2017 Presentation

  1. Cora

    Your daughter is a true scientist – they will hide when asked to do some *stupid* parade, but they will do whatever it takes to present their project! Because that’s different and you non-scientists just don’t understand ;P

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