Word of the Week 27/1/2016 Meals #WotW

I’d love to say that this week I’ve been super organised, done a meal plan, got all the shopping and that sort of thing, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case! however by sheer luck I have managed an entire six days of knowing exactly what we were having for dinner each night!

Saturday we had a steak dinner, but Sir has gone off steak recently so there was a slice left, Hubby and I had that on a sandwich for Sunday night’s dinner – we’d been to a party for my Mum’s birthday that day so it was all we wanted. Now because the party was a surprise, I was charged with cooking chicken drumsticks, unfortunately not all of them had defrosted properly on Sunday morning so I put them back in the fridge and put them in the slow cooker on Monday with some vegetable soup šŸ™‚ On Tuesday we had sausages, bacon and eggs that were left over from the weekend’s breakfasts. Wednesday I had the forethought to defrost some meatballs for dinner and when I did the food shop, I got minted lamb steaks for Thursday. Tonight’s dinner is hubby’s responsibility lol!


10 thoughts on “Word of the Week 27/1/2016 Meals #WotW

  1. Ohh! I meal plan but this weeks hasn’t gone well at all. We’ve been full of cold and tonight I had a recipe to make for my blog….It sounds like you had some lovely meals this week.

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