CD Review Magnum The Valley Of Tears (The Ballads)

Magnum are one of the finest rock bands Britain has ever produced and certainly one of the most underrated. Not only do they do all out heavy rock, they excel at stadium, arm waving, guitar sweeping, vocal soaring rock ballads and now they’ve put together an album of their finest. I’m sure there are some songs that should be on it and aren’t but when you’ve a back catalogue going back over 40 years then that’s quite a few to choose from!

Some of my favourite Magnum songs are on here, the opener Dream About You, A Face In The Crowd (which is brilliant live), Lonely Night, and When The World Comes Down. The rest of the tracks I don’t think I’ve heard before, they’ve all been remastered, remixed or re recorded so they all sound new anyway. Bob Catley is in fine gravel voice as ever.

I’ve been trying to think how to sum the album up as a whole without resorting to clichés and over using the word *amazing* so..

This album is BLOODY GOOD. There.

Track List
Dream About You
Back In Your Arms Again
The Valley Of Tears
Broken Wheel
A Face In The Crowd
Your Dreams Won’t Die
Lonely Night
The Last Frontier
Putting Things In Place
When The World Comes Down


2 thoughts on “CD Review Magnum The Valley Of Tears (The Ballads)

  1. john crombie

    I love Magnum,and particularly the ballads.I hope you have the On the 13th Day and Princess Alice and The Broken Arrow plus Into the Valley of The Moonking my opinion the best ones since they reformed.worth buying if you don’t have them 🙂

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