CD Review Winter Mountain “I Swear I Flew” @winter_mountain

Winter Mountain use to be a duo, however now Joe Francis is on his own and this is the first album as a solo performer. He does have some rather esteemed folks on board with him though, namely Seth Lakeman who provides backing vocal, fiddle and guitar back up.

Joe has taken his music in a completely different direction from the previous album, I Swear I Flew is a fully fledged Folk/Rock/Country album. The first single Sunlight, Good Roads featured as one of my Songs of the Month in June. Before The Flood is as good a Country song as you’ll find anywhere.

There are slower songs on it such as Dragonfly which is beautiful and Fireworks Night (Promises We Make)

Joe has an unusual voice, it’s kind of gravelly.. kind of not. He’s a very talented musician who has surrounded himself with other talented musicians, and that makes for a most excellent album. Proper music if you will.

Track List

Platinum and Gold
Sunlight, Good Roads
The Lucky Ones
The Morning Bell
Things That I’ve Done Wrong
Before The Flood
Open Heart
Banba’s Crown
Fireworks Night (Promises We Make)

This album was actually released autumn 2016 (I think) but I had it as a Christmas present and it’s too good not to share.


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