So 2016…

Been one hell of year hasn’t it? We’ve seen the sad passing of far too many of our childhood heroes, some taken far too young, some had a more acceptable innings as it were. Either way, they all touched our hearts and minds one way or another, and the like of them will not been seen again of that I am certain.

There was “Brexit” and Trump. Enough said.

For myself and my family though, 2016 was quite a good year on the whole. My brother got married, I got to go to lots of concerts, I made new friends, caught up with old friends, the kids have done well at school, we had a lovely pre Christmas break, the summer weather was quite good, there were loads of CD releases and our family ticked along nicely.

Sadly we lost my uncle in early November, but it wasn’t unexpected.

Hopefully 2017 will see a more even balance return to the world.. maybe.

Maybe people will be a little bit nicer to other, maybe people on social media will stop being offended by absolutely everything and stop thinking that they are entitled to an opinion on everything and everyone. Ha. Fat chance of that happening I know.

I wish everyone a happy, healthy, positive 2017 with lots of music, wine and coffee!

8 thoughts on “So 2016…

  1. Cora

    And a happy, healthy, positive 2017 to you, too! You can keep the wine and most of the music (not all!), but I’ll take some spiders instead ;).

  2. wish you and your family an healfy 2017 with lot of joy and much concerts
    lets hope carlos will do his show in england and europe so we all can see
    this fantastig man alive and have a good time on stage

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