#SSAmazingAchievements 14/12/2016 Happy Christmas!

Both the kids have Christmas themed achievements this week and funnily enough they both happened today!

Madam wrote a letter to Santa all on her own, telling him that her Buddy Mrs B had been very good all year and how much she had helped Madam and her friend J with their learning. Madam told Santa that Mrs B deserved “lots of presents and preserves” (she loves jams and lemon curd). The letter was properly addressed, dated and everything. She told Santa her name and how old she is. It was a genuinely lovely thing, I had a tear in my eye reading it and I told her how very very proud I am of her. She also got at green attendance letter which she was more excited about but I told her I was far more pleased about the letter she had written.

This evening we exchanged family Christmas cards and Sir wrote his name completely unaided. I could hear him spelling his name out, there is an i in it and he always says “dot” when he puts the dot on 😀 Then he said “Sir’s card is finished” he wished me a Merry Christmas when he gave it me and I got a big hug 😀

I hope everyone out there in #SSAmazingAchievements land has a happy, peaceful Christmas and that 2017 brings good things for you all and your Special Little Achievers xx

I’m linking with Jeanette http://www.autismmumma.com/2016/12/small-steps-amazing-achievements-141216/




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