Word of the Week 09/12/2016 Cards #WotW

Mainly the credit variety I’m afraid.. it’s been an expensive week this week. On Monday I did the Christmas Booze Run, we stock up on spirits at this time of year and they generally last till almost next Christmas. I had saving stamps and vouchers to ease the cost but still.. out with the credit card.

I had to take my car for it’s service on Tuesday, thankfully all was okay with it, but still that’s another £100 odd. When I went to collect it, I went straight from fetching Madam from school.. and forgot my purse! I was mortified! I had visions of walking home to come back and having to drag Sir along.. but the man at the garage was very nice and said I could go back and pay on Wednesday 😀 Do you ever look at someone and think You Are Wonderful! LOL! he has my eternal gratitude.

Then two concerts were announced for next year, Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow and Deep Purple with special guests Europe.. out came the credit card again.. why do we have to book so far in advance?

Sir’s school have asked me to send in spare uniform for him in case he has an accident.. he had three yesterday.. so onto Asda Direct I went and got some cheap spare stuff. With my card..

I did think the other day, I really must go and get some real, actual, paper money as I have none in my purse LOL!

Thank God for cards eh?

I’m linking with Joceyln http://www.thereadingresidence.com/word-week-91216/


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