Word of the Week 02/12/2016 Countdown #WotW

The countdown has begun! Advent calenders have been opened, the decorations will go up this weekend, the last of the presents will be wrapped and cards posted or delivered. We do not have Elves on our Shelves, but I am expecting two letters from Santa 🙂 I’m working out what food we need as well.

The “holiday box” has been filled with stuff and I’ve made a list of everything we don’t have. Don’t need the cases down just yet. I will start rounding up all the rechargeable batteries to make sure they are fully charged, and all the other many devices that require charging before we go. No one needs any new clothes so there isn’t too much preparation to do.

And of course in two weeks the kids break up from school! so they are counting down to that too LOL! To be honest I’d rather they had the time off afterwards but on the other hand it is allowing us our holiday so can’t have it both ways.

Hope everyone has had a good week!

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