Sir and the aeroplane #FragileX

Does anyone remember those polystyrene aeroplanes that you could buy for about 20p? they came in kit form. Anyway, for Sir’s birthday I made him a Birthday Blind Bag (I’d done Madam one for hers) filled with the kind of crap he likes, a hand held fan, a slinky, a toy car and a box of these aeroplanes plus some other stuff.

Yesterday in order to distract him from a meltdown, Hubby got these planes and made one up for him. To say it has been an instant hit is an understatement! He has played with it ever since, throwing it in the air and shouting “MEEEEEEEEEOOOWWWWWWMMMM” as it flies and laughing his socks off πŸ˜€

It is lovely to see him playing so nicely with a toy and having so much fun. So often it’s the simple, cheap toys that kids love the best.


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