CD Review Beth Hart “Fire On The Floor”

Beth is one of my most favourite artists at the moment, Hubby and I are going to see her in concert on Friday, can’t wait šŸ™‚ so with that in mind I thought I’d better listen to the CD she’s touring to support.

The opener “Jazz Man” is proper, all out old school, complete with a little bit of scat, the sort of thing Eartha Kitt would sing.

Beth then goes on to show the range and versatility of her voice even more. Angry, powerful ballads Love Is A Lie and Fire On The Floor, then the almost poppy Let’s Get Together. There also beautiful, slower songs Woman You’ve Been Dreaming Of, Picture In A Frame and No Place Like Home.

Baby Shot Me Down and Coca Cola are the more bluesy songs Beth is probably best known for, also the epic Love Gangster.

The variety of songs and styles on this CD is a testament to just how talented Beth is, really there is a song for every taste here.

One of the best albums I’ve bought this year.

Track List

Jazz Man

Love Gangster

Coca Cola

Let’s Get Together

Love Is A Lie

Fat Man

Fire On The Floor

Woman You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Baby Shot Me Down

Good Day To Cry

Picture In A Frame

No Place Like Home


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