CD Review Alfie Boe and Michael Ball “Together”

I have been waiting rather impatiently for this CD to land on my door mat, two of my favourite singers making an album (and doing a tour to accompany it) very exciting times. I admit I had very high expectations for this and it does not disappoint.

It opens with a Les Mis medley (obviously since both Alfie and Michael are Les Mis luminaries) starting with the overture, then Alfie sings Bring Him Home, Michael sings Empty Chairs and then a duet of I Dreamed A Dream, followed by a duet reprise of Bring Him Home. Six minutes of utter wonderfulness. I’m glad that they sing *their* songs as solos, not that I’d have minded if they’d duetted – honest LOL!

Where do they go from there though? well 13 other songs from musicals, performed with panache and finesse basically. Alfie has an incredible voice, we all know, however I do think that people forget just how good Michael Ball is, these days I feel he’s very underrated as a singer, this CD should set the record straight for him though. He matches Alfie for every single note. Together as it were, their voices are sublime.

Stand out tracks are the Les Mis Medley, Tell Me It’s Not True (OMG Goosebumps), You’ll Never Walk Alone (magnificent), Anthem, Incurably Romantic and the Wonderful World/Over The Rainbow. There are also songs I’d not heard before like A Thousand Years and Speak Softly Love.

Definitely an album for Alfie Fans, Michael Fans and Fans of first rate singers singing first rate songs.

Track List:

Les Miserables Medley


Music of The Night


Speak Softly Love

Tell Me It’s Not True

Incurably Romantic

I’ll Build A Stairway to Paradise

Wonderful World/Over The Rainbow

For Once In My Life

A Thousand Years

When You Wish Upon A Star

You’ll Never Walk Alone

I’ll Be Home For Christmas





2 thoughts on “CD Review Alfie Boe and Michael Ball “Together”

  1. I saw them on the One Show last night and they were amazing. I think I may have to get this for my Mum for Christmas. She’ll absolutely love it #MMBC

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