Word of the Week 28/10/2016 Revamp #WotW

This week has seen me giving the conservatory a thorough clean out and a bit of a revamp. It’s long overdue to be honest, so when my Mum offered me her old conservatory furniture cushions it seemed like a good reason to start. Of course once I’d took the old cushions off and saw the state of the floor underneath, it started an afternoon of hoovering, wiping, sorting out the crap kids toys that have accumulated in there, I filled two charity bags with rubbish that will be taken to the dump, along with our old cushions and lord knows what else tomorrow. They aren’t worth trying to save or sell unfortunately.

That done, I thought I’d give the scatter cushion covers a wash, it turned out that the covers were the only thing keeping the cushion pads together, they all fell to pieces. However I had recently (ages ago) bought some new pads so it was just a matter of finding them. Then I discovered that the zips had broken on my existing covers. Who knew it was so hard to find the right kind of cushion covers? I have them now though, cost me just under £12.

My Mum also has a couple of table lamps she no longer wants, so maybe with a new light shade on them I can use those in the conservatory too.

All we need to do then is shift the boxes containing the kids new trampoline to either the shed or the garage and BINGO! we will be able to have proper use of the conservatory again, which is timely because I’ve invited my In Laws over for Christmas Day and will need a bit of extra space.

I’m linking with Jocelyn http://www.thereadingresidence.com/word-week-281016/

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