Songs For October

Someone at work told me about this band so I thought I’d take a look. The Shires are UK country band who are apparently taking everywhere by storm! This is their latest single My Universe released last month from their second album also called My Universe. This is really good Country Rock music, similar to Lady Antebellum.

Staying with Country music, LeAnn Rimes has a new single and CD out this month. This is a very pretty ballad and LeAnn’s voice sounds amazing.

Now for something a little different, one of my favourite singers, Gaby Moreno has a new single called Love Is Gone featuring Jonny P ( no I don’t know him either but he’s got a good voice) I can’t decided if this is blues, pop or what but it doesn’t matter because it’s a belting little song that deserves to be huge.


4 thoughts on “Songs For October

  1. I love The Shires! I discovered them last year during Children In Need. I have their CD in my car and tend to switch between them and the super fabulous Lady Antebellum. You can’t beat singing along to a bit of country music in the car πŸ˜‰ #MMBC

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