Chapter Fifteen

A few weeks earlier..

Baby Bayleaf had been having a fabulous time. He’d escaped Lavender who was charged with looking after him and had spent a happy afternoon playing in a muddy patch near to the place where the flute was kept. Of course the significance of this was completely lost on the little fae all he knew was he’d been in trouble all morning and people kept shouting at him. So whilst Lavender had been batting her eyes at Butterbur, Baby Bayleaf had toddled off in search of something a little more fun to do.
But now he was hot, tired and thirsty. The mud that covered him was starting to dry, making him itch. He wobbled to his feet and padded inside the nearest hut to at least get out of the way of the sun.
“Hewo?” he said softly but it seemed the hut was empty. He spotted a low table near the back wall. Maybe there would a drink on it. Maybe even something to eat. Emboldened by his rumbling tummy he headed toward it. As he drew near his attention was drawn to a circle of light that hovered on the wall “Oooh pwetty!” he exclaimed and went to look at it more closely.
He poked at it with a tiny finger, it rippled like water and then suddenly it was replaced by a hole, big enough for the small fae to climb through. There were strange creatures on the other side, lots of noise and weird smells “Ooh” he whispered.

“Baby Bayleaf!” cried Lavender “BABY BAYLEAF! Where are you?” oh boy was she in trouble now. Where had that little tinker got to. She hadn’t taken her eyes off him for that long… had she? She’d lost track of time talking to Butterbur, with his muscles and his tattoo…
Stop it! She chastised herself. Oh I do hope Baby Bayleaf is okay.
Then she noticed a trail of small muddy footprints leading to the Flute Hut. She quickened her pace and practically ran into the hut. She blinked because it was dark. There she spotted her charge “Baby Bayleaf!” she noticed the strange light “What have you got there little guy?”
“Pwetty.” came the reply.
She made her way over to him and scooped him up in her arms “Look at the state of you. We will have to give you a bath”
The hole had started to close but Lavender was able to just catch a glimpse of what lay beyond it.
She felt herself go cold “Humans” she whispered “Come on” and she hurried out of the hut.

Present Day

“Lavender didn’t think too much of it at the time, she put it down to being one of those strange things that happen around that kind of object. Baby Bayleaf wouldn’t have told us, he’s probably forgotten about it by now anyway”
“Very true. So what made Lavender tell you now?”
“Butterbur persuaded her” Grandpa Comfrey grinned.
“Ha! Young love eh? But seriously, has this hole or whatever it was been seen again?”
“I don’t know, no one has been inside that hut since the flute disappeared”
“Maybe we should go and take a look?”
Grandpa Comfrey chuckled and raised his glass for refill “Maybe tomorrow when we’ve not been drinking whiskey!”

Meanwhile in the abandoned hut, the wall began to ripple and the light shone in there again.


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