Word of the Week 2/9/2016 Forest #WotW

Last week we were on holiday at Center Parcs, Sherwood Forest. It had been a long time coming and we were all more than ready for it. What we weren’t prepared for was the traffic problems in the car park when we got there. It wasn’t anyone’s fault, it was Bank Holiday Monday, it was a glorious day and the folks who had been there for the weekend didn’t want to go home! so the security people let the people who were arriving go and park outside their villas.

The good weather continued all week, Hubby and I sat outside on the patio area to eat lunch several times, whilst the kids preferred to eat inside, it was nice because it gave us some time to ourselves without needing sitters or anything complicated like that.

We had several *visitors* to our villa in the form of a rabbit, several squirrels and a mob of ducks!

The kids love it at Center Parcs, so despite it not being the cheapest, we go there every year. We don’t do many activities, but we did go ten pin bowling and we played badminton. We also booked to go to the Magical Carvery, where there would be magicians to entertain you at your table. Madam was a bit concerned, but I told her that if she didn’t like it, we’d just tell them no thank you. She absolutely loved it! both magicians visited our table, one for kids, one for grown ups. They were excellent. Very very slick. The kids magician even managed to get Sir involved by giving him things to hold.

We visited the swimming paradise every day, this year we even went on our last day and didn’t leave till gone lunchtime, which was nice, we will definitely do that again.

Normally we would eat at a couple of the restaurants there, but being a busy week, they were all booked up. It’s a pity because it takes the spontaneity out of it. However, the newly refurbished Sports Cafe does not require booking, and so we ate there. The food was lovely and really good value.

Can’t wait to go back in December!

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