Summer Holidays #FragileX

I guess we’ve been lucky so far, the weather has been fabulous (until today) and Sir has been able to play outside. With the trampoline out of action and the new one only delivered yesterday, his attention has turned to the water table. Good old fashioned fun! my measuring jugs go missing on a regular basis, even though he has loads of things he can use pour water into funnels and water wheels, throw it at his sister or all over the patio.. whatever takes his fancy! He has also rediscovered his Thomas and Friends train set after I sorted out the many boxes of it and put it all in one big plastic tub. It’s lovely to hear him making up stories about the engines as they chuff round Sodor (the dining room table). He still loves to have his tablet to either watch videos, play Angry Birds or listen to Il Divo (he has taste 😛 )

Madam likes to play Minecraft and give me a running commentary as she goes along… like those videos the kids enjoy watching. Drives me nuts, but it’s quite funny too. She’s just got it back today after a punishment ban – less said the better. She loves to use her imagination to play too, and will make anything into a toy.

Today though there is no playing outside, it’s raining, so we are stuck inside. To add to it, my car has gone for it’s MOT, a thing that bothers Sir greatly. He can’t understand where my car is or why I don’t just get it back. He had a bit of a strop and threw is poor cuddly toy.. but I distracted him with the offer of cleaning out the bowl after I’d finished making Hubby’s birthday cake. He’s okay now.

Madam is very good at amusing herself, Sir though needs some encouragement. He has loads of toys under his bed that have never seen the light of day.. will get some out in a bit.

So far so good though, and almost time for our annual trip to Center Parcs. Both kids are looking forward to that – so am I!


5 thoughts on “Summer Holidays #FragileX

  1. Cute update – I love when the kids can entertain themselves. I don’t love that they have so many toys most don’t ever get played with! It’s great to dig things out of wherever they were “hidden” and see what the kids come up with (and then toss out/give away what they’re still not interested in!)
    Lovely post.

  2. Sounds like Madam and Sir have been having lots of fun!
    We also get numerous toys that get forgotten about and a couple of months down the line, they are all over them again 🙂
    Oh and have a lovely break at Center Parks!

    Thanks for being part of #MMBC. Hope to see you next week xx

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