Word of the Week 12/08/2016 Sorting #WotW

This week has seen a whole load of sorting going on. For reasons that have been lost in the midst of time, our bedroom is (or has been) full of boxes of which no one is completely certain of the contents. The have been plonked in front of our wardrobe, getting in the way but neither of us has had any inclination to actually sort through them, until now. I have spent the past two afternoons sorting through these boxes, chucking stuff out, putting stuff elsewhere and wondering “What on earth is this??” We can now see the first three doors of the wardrobe and the room seems much bigger! Only another three boxes to go…

I have also been sorting out new swimwear for the kids, they’ve both had growth spurts since they last tried them on and since we go on holiday soon I thought we’d better go and get some new ones. Sports Direct is my new favourite place..

It is Sir’s birthday this weekend so I have sorted out his presents, wrapped them up and written his card. At the moment we are deciding whether to go out for a meal or if the weather forecast suggests there is a heatwave, then we may stay home and have a BBQ.

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11 thoughts on “Word of the Week 12/08/2016 Sorting #WotW

  1. I’ve also done loads of sorting over the summer and guess what… still have loads of sorting to do. Hopefully I’ll get them all done before September 😉 #wotw

  2. RaisieBay

    I hate sorting, but one good thing about losing and important document (like I did this week) is that you get to sort out all the stuff that’s just taking up room..yes, I threw away 3 boxes of stuff. A BBQ birthday sounds great.

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