Carlos Marin En Concierto CD/DVD review

I received this some time ago but have only just got the chance to write my thoughts. As it’s only available as a download in the UK at the moment, I ordered my copy from in Mexico. I have to say their service was exemplary. They emailed me in Spanish and English, converted the amount to pay into pounds at the checkout and you can pay with Pay Pal. They gave me a delivery time of 3-5 weeks but it actually turned up quicker than that. It was very well packaged, in it’s own little plastic sleeve inside a cardboard box, inside a padded envelope. The total price (including packaging) was roughly Ā£14. I am very wary of where I order from online but I would definitely use these people again.

The CD is obviously the same as the download so I won’t go over that again, but you can read my review

On the DVD there are a couple of extra songs

Overture – Cats
I Can’t Help Falling In Love (which is beautiful)
Who Wants To Live Forever – Duet with Innocence (in which they’ve changed it from the version on her CD “Innocence” and it’s FABULOUS!)

a making of segment and the video to the single “Entregate”

Sadly, Innocence’s solo spots are missing but it is Carlos’ concert so fair enough, and you can buy This Is Love Live which has her concert in full.

It is a brilliant show. Carlos is absolutely in his element, he is an amazing showman – but we knew that! I hear you cry.. well maybe you thought you did, Carlos in Il Divo is an incredible thing to see, Carlos on his own is quite something else. Carlos and Innocence leave me with goosebumps.

He can, literally, sing anything. His show is a mix of big band, musicals, Latino Classics, Tom Jones, and romantic ballads. There are dancers (at least one of them is on tour with Il Divo) an orchestra and a light show. On first view I found some of the camera angles a little dizzying, but to be fair there is an awful lot to try and capture. This is what you would call a “proper show” not just a concert. As such, you actually get the feeling you are there.

Oh and his voice…. he has an incredible range, especially on Maria and Music of the Night. He completely rocks the house on Jesus Christ Superstar and the Tom Jones songs… sorry Tom but you’ve been well and truly outdone now.

He has the tag of “Latino Lover” and Booming Baritone Voice of the Loud Bits when he’s with Il Divo and sadly most interviewers and indeed people who listen to their music never really get past that.

Here you get to see what his fans have known for ages, that there is a lot more to him than that. Yes he’s still a cheeky bugger, making jokes about dancers and casting couches and I love him for it but there are also some dryer asides which made me laugh. People seem to forget he’s been performing as a solo artist for a very long time, and even alongside Il Divo since 2011. The man is a complete professional and it shows.

The CD/DVD has now spent a month at Number 1 in the Mexican charts and it is well deserved, I think it will be there for a lot longer yet šŸ™‚

Buy it if you can. Watch on Youtube if you can’t. Download the CD, listen on iTunes, Spotify or Deezer.. but do listen. It is very well worth it.



13 thoughts on “Carlos Marin En Concierto CD/DVD review

      1. I hope so too, he will tour around Europ ! The dvd and cd are wonderful !! Carlos is amazing !!!! But we knew that already !! The songs he is singing together with Innocence gives me goosebumps !! WAW !!!!!

  1. Meg

    I got my copy yesterday. It was so much better than I hoped it would be even. Even has English subtitles which surprised and impressed me. The CD will reside in the car and the DVD and download in the house. I had thought in his promos that he was talking about a SA tour with Innocence, but I wasn’t sure of that since my Spanish is so limited. DVD does sound like it, I thought. Wish Vegas would be included in a tour. That show is the epitome of a Vegas show!! Going to turn political conventions off and watch again now.

    1. He mentions a “world tour” in the making of.. guess we’ll have to wait see what he has up his sleeves! It is fabulous isn’t it, and I’m glad you got yours šŸ˜€ I would turn off the politics and watch Carlos too, far more entertaining and far less depressing

  2. Nadia

    I saw the show 2 times in January & have to say that, as being a siren, Carlos blew me away again with his wonderful voice & the amazing songs. I got goosebumps everytime watching him there on the stage. That expression on his face & emotion in his voice. Just amazing.
    Wasn’t sure about the service at that website, so with your explanation & enthusiasm about them, I’m surely going to buy the cd/DVD there through that website.

    By the way: wonderful review.

    1. Ooh you lucky lady! I’d love to see the show live šŸ™‚ He is an incredible performer. Glad you found the information on the site useful, I like to share that kind of thing in case others find it useful and also to say yes they are a legit site! Thank you for your comment šŸ™‚

  3. Barbara

    Wow when you write a review you do an awesome job but then the subject is quite awesome himself. He has a fantastic voice. I finally got my copy from Mexico and made a cd for the car and play it all the time. I love the Latin Medley, wish I knew the English words to those 3 songs. I’m praying he will bring his show to the US, preferably to one of the Southern states, TX would be perfect.

    1. Aww thank you šŸ™‚ but yes the subject matter did lend itself to saying good things šŸ˜€ I love the Latin Medley too, I’m hoping for a show over here in the UK, Fingers crossed eh?

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