Word of the Week 23/7/2016 Hot #WotW

After all our complaining about the weather, summer finally arrived in the UK this week with a vengeance. Temperatures soared up to the 30’s and we were scouring the house for the sun cream!

I must admit it was too hot for us, that kind of heat is fine if one happens to be lazing by a pool somewhere Spanish, with an umbrella for shade and a nice waiter to bring you drinks, but here in Blighty it’s a tad oppressive. I’m more mid 20’s and no more 😀

The kids found it too hot as well, especially Sir, he doesn’t do well in that kind of heat. Our back garden is a proper sun trap too so they sensibly stayed inside where it’s cooler.

I do hope the sunny weather will continue now the kids are breaking up.. what are the odds?

I’m linking with Jocelyn http://www.thereadingresidence.com/word-week-22716/

18 thoughts on “Word of the Week 23/7/2016 Hot #WotW

  1. It has been hot, hasn’t it – we were very thankful for the paddling pool and parasol in the garden! Hopefully we’ll see more sunshine over the summer – and I’m with you in thinking that temperatures in the mid 20s would be perfect too. #WotW

  2. It’s been really warm too and we loved it. Sadly though, it didn’t last for us. By Wednesday, the warmth was gone. Hoping for it to come back soon! #wotw.

  3. I say exactly the same thing, it’s nice on holiday when you can jump in a pool to cool off but at home it’s way too sticky for adults and kids alike. #WotW

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