The wonder of technology

As the latest ploy to keep people’s noses in their phones and their attention away from the real world around them sweeps the nation, making someone, somewhere a tonne of money, it was nice to reminded this week that technology help us do some truly wonderful things too.

The kids in Madam’s year group have been writing letters to children at a school in South Africa. In the past couple of weeks they eventually got their long awaited replies 🙂

However, on Wednesday, the kids had a Skype call all the way from South Africa! They sat in the hall and they could see the other children, thousands of miles away. They sang songs to each other, they asked each other questions. Kids at both schools thought it was the best thing they’d ever done, all of them were very excited as the tumbled out of the gates at home time.

I am old enough to remember when communication like that would have been unheard of, unthinkable even. If my 9 year old self had wanted to talk to someone in South Africa, it would have been pen, paper, an airmail envelope and a very long wait. Now we have astronauts conversing with the world over social media from outer space! they can join in with events here on earth. I am still in awe of Commander Chris Hadfield playing a version of Space Oddity in SPACE and being able to see it on Youtube..

Recently a friend attending a concert, held up her mobile phone and broadcast the concert over periscope for the benefit of those that couldn’t attend. How amazing is that! in my youth if you couldn’t go, you didn’t get to see it. End of.

I can talk with people I’ve never met, who are in different countries, who I consider friends all for free and run up a humongous phone bill. It may be the way forward for my son to communicate with people, perhaps even find employment.  For all it’s faults, it does give me a fair bit of hope for him.

It’s all far more appealing to me than winding up in lake or wrapped around a tree because you’re too busy chasing some yellow animated creature… I know, each to their own, and yes I agree it gets people outside, but what’s the point if all you are doing is getting the wind in your phone and not your face? Technology eh.. where would we be without it? 😉

*There are NO Pokemons on this blog

*No offence to anyone who plays Pokemon Go!


7 thoughts on “The wonder of technology

  1. Being disabled i’d be lost without it, it’s opened up a whole new world I can take my hobbies and intrests to a whole new level and stay in touch with friends & family anytime, it also makes me want to do things and makes life easier!

  2. i did brodcast an concer of id on perisope for sandra and ozler because i knew the coulnt got to it i know they were very happy i olso know the have pericope and madam is very lucky to sing and speak with kids in another world
    in the beginning of queen i writhe with several fans all over the world and yes sometimes you have to wait 6 weeks before you get an answer
    thank god we have twitter facebook email mobile phone and so on

  3. I agree with all your sentiments here. At school my kids are doing things I think are totally amazing with technology. I’m so old-school that sometimes I feel like “don’t they learn to print anymore? Or copy stuff from the board?” but I know it’s the way of the future and that they need to learn to use all this tech. Being able to connect is wild, isn’t it? Everyone, everywhere (almost) can talk – or at least type – to everyone else. It’s really mind-boggling for me. I actually have a post on my blog about how I’m feeling left behind in the world of technology right now!

  4. How awesome for the kiddies to be able to communicate like that. You are right I don’t know where we would be without technology! I must admit I rely on it constantly (except pokemon lol)

    Thanks so much for joining in with #MMBC. Hope to see you tomorrow! xx

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