Heart Birmingham Symphony Hall 3/7/2016

It’s been a very long time since sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson were on UK shores, though from the welcome they received you would’ve thought they’d never been away.

I did note from the t-shirts people were wearing, a lot of the audience were at last week’s Rainbow gig., it’s been a good week for Birmingham rock fans.

The support act was FM, a band I really feel I should have heard of but just couldn’t place them. They are a UK band who play American style AOR (Adult Orientated Rock) like Survivor, Hall & Oates – that sort of thing. They were very good and seemed to have quite a few fans in the audience.

After a short interval, Heart took to the stage and rocked the entire Symphony Hall. Classic hits such as Alone, These Dreams, Crazy on You, Magic Man ans Barracuda sat alongside songs from their new album Broken Beautiful due for release on the 8th July (I think)

The encore was a trio of Led Zepplin songs, Heart started out as a Zepplin tribute band.

Both Ann and Nancy took their turn on vocals, both still have their incredible voices. Nancy is probably the best female guitarist there is.

Our seats were second row of the very top tier, and I have to say I would not be prepared to sit any further back than that! but our view was excellent, we could see the whole stage and we could see the band.

If I’ve a minor gripe, it’s that the concert was a tad short, it finished at 10.05, however it did allow us plenty of time to get back to New Street and a train home. Heart did manage to pack quite a lot into the time allowed though.

Ann said it would be *some time* before they come back to our side of the pond.. I hope they don’t leave it too long.


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