Review: Carlos Marin “En Concierto”

Ever since Carlos started to perform solo concerts back in 2011, alongside being a member of Il Divo, his fans have been clamouring for a DVD to made of the show. This month sees Carlos release not only a DVD but a live CD to go with it! Unfortunately, the actual CD/DVD is only available in Mexico, and Amazon Mx don’t ship outside of Mexico 😦 The CD however is available in digital form from Amazon UK, Spain and Germany. You can also find it on iTunes, Spotify and Deezer.

There are 19 live tracks plus the single “Entregate” which is a duet with Innocence, it was one of my Songs for the Month.

Live albums I find can sometimes be hit and miss.. this one however is most definitely a hit! Carlos sings a range of songs from Latin Classics to Tom Jones to Frank Sinatra to Musical numbers. His version of Tonight from West Side Story is erm better than the Il Divo version.. *ahem*

One of the other stand out tracks for me is Granada, I do wish he’d done that as his solo number at the Amor & Pasion concert instead of New York New York, not that there was anything wrong with that, it was awesome,I just have a wish to hear him sing Granada live 🙂

NYNY is on the album too 🙂

There are quieter songs too, such as Maria and the Latin medley, absolutely divine. Of course there are duets with Innocence, which needless to say are wonderful.

I wasn’t sure about the opening number Something is Coming but it is growing on me 🙂

I know I am horribly biased when it comes to Carlos, but the man is incredible. He is the absolute, consummate showman. His vocal range is extremely impressive, his voice is ❤ ❤

and of course he is just slightly good looking.. 😉

A must for Carlos fans, Il Divo fans and any one who likes this style of music.. he has as we say in England, put bells on it.



8 thoughts on “Review: Carlos Marin “En Concierto”

  1. Meg McClintock

    I am so very hopeful that the DVD/CD will be released soon in other areas. It makes sense that he release it in Mexico first since he’s living there and seems to be making an effort for that market. The guys albums and DVDs are always released in different times in different areas. That’s my prayer at least!!

  2. Diane

    i too would have LOVED him to have done Granada….wonderful album…fingers crossed for the dvd….and also that he considers coming to the UK….

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