#SSAmazingAchievements 10/6/2016 Pants Update

As you know we are in the process of toilet training Sir. So far his progress has been amazing at school.. but not so much at home. I was told a month or two back in no uncertain terms that “pants are for school Mummy”

When they went back after half term, his teacher said she would send him home in his pants so that he could start to get used to the idea of having his pants on at home. This has proved to be a quiet success. I say quiet because I haven’t said a word to him about it. I don’t ask if he’d like to change out his uniform, I don’t mention the fact that he has his pants on. On Tuesday night I needed to go to the supermarket on an urgent quest for drinks cartons that Sir could take on a trip to Drayton Manor. Both the kids came with me and Sir was wearing his pants 🙂 in fact he kept them on until about 6pm! he’d been home at 4pm!

The reason he asked to change was because he wanted the toilet, and I was met with vehement protests when I told him he could use the toilet at home. Even so, I told him he’d done really well. I do think we might be slowly winning this time 🙂

I’m linking with Jane http://ourlittleescapades.com/2016/06/small-steps-amazing-achievements-8th-june-2016/


3 thoughts on “#SSAmazingAchievements 10/6/2016 Pants Update

  1. I have heard a lot of people saying that they get it a school but home is another story. We did have Ethan telling us he needed to use the toilet but that has gone again. It is always forwards and backwards steps. Keeping everything crossed you keep moving forward with this progress.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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