Word of the Week 27/5/2016 Calmer #WotW

After the stress and frustration of last week, this week has been a lot calmer, which to be honest wouldn’t be that difficult but it’s nice all the same.

Madam has had a good week back full time in her year group. They have been doing different activities in conjunction with Tolerance Week, finishing with a non uniform day today. Sir has had a good week too, and he is at home today as it’s teacher training, so he’s very happy 🙂

My tickets for Alfie Boe and Michael Ball have just arrived, we have also booked to see Seth Lakeman in December, those tickets arrived yesterday.

I’ve decided to take a wait and see approach with Madam’s schooling. I can’t get to speak to the person I’d like to, Madam seems happy at the moment and I was just getting stressed. So I’ve calmed down ( a little) as it wasn’t doing me any good. I’m watching though…

Apologies also for only just replying to comments left on last weeks posts!

I’m linking with Jocelyn http://www.thereadingresidence.com/word-week-27516/


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