Carlos Marin on stage in Birmingham (Il Divo concert Genting Arena 7/5/2016)

I’ve done a review of the concert, posted photos and what have you but I thought it might be nice to give Carlos his own page. As much as I love the four of them, he is my favourite and *ahem* most of my photos are of him…

A little dream of mine came true when he performed a solo number – as they all did- during the concert. I was torn between watching a filming. I decided to watch.. then hastily filmed the last minute! it’s not good but it’s mine πŸ˜€

and also some photos

he is such a showman, and everyone had such a good time clapping, singing and swaying along with him. I really hope one day he brings his solo show over here and back to Brum!



8 thoughts on “Carlos Marin on stage in Birmingham (Il Divo concert Genting Arena 7/5/2016)

  1. Thanks Karen, lovely. Carlos’ solo show was wonderful – I hope he brings it to the UK. He is releasing a DVD of his show which I will definitely buy. Can’t wait until Wednesday. Will let you have photos and video when I get back home.

  2. Meg McClintock

    Another one in the queue for his DVD. I would love to see his solo show in Vegas. It’s the perfect place for it. Didn’t think I’d ever get to see any of it live. Now I do. I can’t wait!!!!meg

  3. Diane

    i’ve just started looking at my videos…as you quite rightly say…mine aren’t all that brilliant but they are MINE !!!! wonderful wonderful show….those guys just get better and better…what next?? Seb told us that he’d suggested a rock album to the guys when i told him what i’d like as the next theme….fingers crossed ….xx

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