Concert Review: Il Divo at the Genting Arena Birmingham 7/5/2016

I don’t care how many Youtube videos you’ve watched or how many times you’ve watched, or how much you *think* you know about this show. You can forget all of it, because it won’t match up to the sheer spectacle of the “AMOR Y PASION” *foot stomp* *OLÉ pose* concert live. You’ll get that joke once you’ve seen the concert 😀

Normally the guys have the whole arena, this time it was a little over half, and because of the extended stage, my five rows from the front seemed a lot nearer! The smaller setting meant the sound quality was better and I doubt there was a bad seat in the house to be honest. Don’t be thinking half the crowd means half the atmosphere though. In Brum we like to PARTY!

First off I have to say, all this fuss over the dancers is as I thought it might be, a complete over reaction based on a few Youtube videos. They are not all over the show, they do not upstage the guys, they are there for a handful of songs, that’s it. And they certainly didn’t get in the way of the songs or the guys. The show was very much about Il Divo.

Then the solos. OMG the solos. Urs amazed me. I’d seen Youtubes of his spot but they don’t do him justice. He has an incredible voice, his performance was faultless and he got a standing ovation.  I have to admit, I hadn’t been that thrilled with Seb’s solo. Well I am now! Far better live and what a set of pipes that man has! he also got a well deserved ovation. Carlos is showmanship personified. He had the whole arena singing and clapping along, brilliant performance and yes he got an ovation too 😀 Then there was David. Pretending to be nervous and pretending he didn’t know how to fix the microphone to the stand before blowing the roof off the arena. There was a five minute standing ovation. Just.. Wow.

I have a story about a dear lady, a bag with a teddy bear in, my Mum and Urs, but that will have to be another post. Suffice to say the end result was I GOT TO THE FRONT AND SAW THE GUYS UP CLOSE!!!!!! for the first time EVER!!!!

As much as I love all four of them, Carlos was an absolute bloody star. He had me crying with laughter. They did the chat up lines and when it came to his turn, this happened:

Carlos to much whooping from the audience “I shall lower my voice, I shall raise my eyebrow, I shall open my shirt.. I shall then undo my..” and reached for his belt..
David “Nonononononono!”
Carlos “What?”
David “There’s nothing to see there anyway….”
Carlos “Go ask your sister…”

He did apologise for the remark, but frankly I saw no reason for apologies 🙂 I’m still laughing at it now.

The audience dissolved into hysterics 😀 it was the one liner of the night. In fact Carlos seems to have gone from Latino Lover to the joker of the pack, whilst Urs fought a losing battle to keep the *kids* from misbehaving 😀 There was laughter all the way through the show.

This was my seventh Il Divo concert and it is the best I have ever seen. I didn’t think they could top A Musical Affair but they have. By including dancers, solos and instrument playing they have elevated their show to a whole new level. Their voices are better than ever, they look like they are having a ball, and that means the audience did too.

Beg, borrow, or steal a ticket. Not a concert to be missed.





19 thoughts on “Concert Review: Il Divo at the Genting Arena Birmingham 7/5/2016

  1. May I just say that i absolutely adore your blog. I honestly don’t think there are enough people talking about Fragile X out there and I’m glad you’re one of them! And that concert sounds like fun!

    1. Thank you! you are very very kind 🙂 I like to think maybe I can help someone, somewhere in some small way maybe. And you are right, there aren’t enough people talking about it. The concert was wonderful 😀 ❤

  2. Karen……..sounds absolutely amazing! I’m so so so glad you had the best time! Mine isn’t until November and I was sort of so so about it but reading this has made me excited! Your Pictures on Twitter are fab! Thanks for sharing! Concerts highs are just the best! May it last all week! 😄


  3. karen what a great review i have to wait for almost 2 weeks but i know it will be fun with judith,marissa and cathy and other divas we hope to meet i am glad you had a good time and your mother too

  4. Hi Karen Thanks for your report. I can’t wait now. My first concert is on Wednesday in Leeds. Really looking forward to it now. So pleased you had a wonderful time. Linda

  5. Margaret McClintock

    I also have to wait til November–next to last concert on the tour. I really, really am looking forward to it. The dancers have never bothered me and I am so excited about the solos and instruments.


  6. Nicki Mizen

    Your report sums up the concert perfectly, saw them in Cardiff last night for the first time and they were fantastic. I personally think they really don’t need the dancers, wasn’t a distraction but just not needed. Anyone going to any future concerts, you will have a brilliant time – enjoy !

  7. Diane

    summed it up perfectly Amor Y Pasion…ole…was out of this world..met a few of the dancers before and after the show and told them straight how great i thought they were as there have been so many negative things written…they are lovely people…but the guys…as Carlos so rightly put it….”like a good wine…gets better with age ” So thrilled to see Carlos perform “solo”…a dream come true…x

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