Blues of Desperation – Joe Bonamassa

I realised the other day that I’d rather fallen behind with certain threads on here and so since I have a day where I don’t intend to do an awful lot, I thought I’d catch up. There is no better place to start than this rip roaring masterpiece from Joe. This album charted at No3 in the UK Charts.. beaten only by Adele and that bloke from One Direction. It did my little musical heart good to know that the British music buying public still have some taste.

Joe’s done a fair few covers in the past but this album is all original material, a follow up to Different Shades of Blue (another excellent album). The actual production was different this time, two drummers, different amplifiers and so forth.

The result is by turns rockier, bluesier, and sultry. As I write this, I’m listening to Drive, which may well be my favourite track on the album. Very twangy guitars, very low voiced vocals from Joe, very smokey . Love it.  No Good Place For The Lonely is epic guitar and belting vocals. Love that too. Then there’s the country tinged The Valley Runs Low, foot tapping stuff. The title track Blues of Desperation is incredible live.

In my humble little opinion this is one of Joe’s finest albums. A nice blues/rock mix done with style. Blues for those who don’t like Blues, Rock for those who don’t like Rock.

Track List

This Train
Mountain Climbing
No Good Place For The Lonely
Blues of Desperation
The Valley Runs Low
You Left Me Nothin’ But The Bill And The Blues
Distant Lonesome Train
How Deep This River Runs
Livin’ Easy
What I’ve Known For A Very Long Time


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