Disney on Ice 25th Anniversary Genting Arena Birmingham 9/4/2016

This was Madam’s second Disney on Ice and this time my Mother In Law came with us. She has blue badge for disabled parking, so I made attempts to find out in advance where the disabled parking is. I got no joy looking at their website so I phoned up, got some very quietly spoken automated service that went dead on me.. I even tweeted them but got no reply. Never mind I thought, I’ll find it on the day..
The signs directing you to the disabled parking are vague and sporadic, they are big and they are blue, but they don’t give you any actual directions. We drove the length of the roadway to no avail so we stopped and asked two men in hi vis jackets.
“Can I see your blue badge? turn left into here and the parking is over there..”
But the car park was surrounded by barriers.. so I turned round, drove back and MIL went to clarify exactly where *over there* was.
Turn around and drive a big loop to a small grey building, show your pass to the attendant, he will raise the barrier, turn left then right and that is the Disabled Parking Area. Two more men in hi vis jackets wanted to see the blue badge, “£10 please Madam and anywhere you like”
Now in fairness, the parking is literally next door to the arena but it really does need better sign posting.

Anyway, we got to our seats just in time. Right by the ice rink on a slightly raised block. Could not have been better.

The show started with The Lion King, which was really good.. but I can’t help thinking it could have been better. Circle of Life with five skaters was a bit meh.. there should have been a whole troupe out there. I will say though, the two skaters who danced to Can You Feel The Love Tonight were very very good and drew several gasps of Wow! from Madam. Most impressive.

Next up was Peter Pan, now that was really good. High wires, a huge pirate ship, Lost Boys, pirates, a sneering Captain Hook, Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle plus the biggest inflatable crocodile I’ve ever seen!

After a short interval, the second half started with The Little Mermaid. The highlight of this bit was definitely Under The Sea 🙂 the kid in me was very happy! There was also a massive inflatable Ursula.

The finale of course was Frozen. I felt this time round the story was better told, but missed the big song and dance production of What Frozen Things Do In Summer. Of course the big number was Let It Go, complete with an amazing snowstorm, and the lady who skated to it was really good.

All the performers were very very good, and how some of them manage to stay upright and find their way round the ice, given the costumes they have to wear, never ceases to amaze me.

I took loads of videos, mainly because my photo taking skills leave a lot to be desired..not that the videos are that good! They are on Youtube channel.. Karen Blower.

We will most certainly be going back next year 😀

Madam gives it 15/10!




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