Word of the Week 15/4/2016 Hectic #WotW

This week has been sooo hectic!  I’ve phoned three engineers – one for the tumble dryer and two for the boiler. The tumble dryer is now fixed you’ll be pleased to know. I’ve phoned the Dr’s for Madam, she had what looked like a rash on her hand but it turns out it’s dry skin. I got her some Junior E45 cream and that seems to have cleared it. I phoned the school to make an appointment to discuss her statement.. and I phoned my friend to see if she was free for coffee! which of course was the most important call 😀

Aside from that, I seem to have been doing a lot of running around! I forgot Madam’s PE kit on Wednesday so had to take that up to the school, everyday stuff like shopping – would it be a day if I didn’t go to the supermarket? taking old tricycles to the school I work at for the reception kids to use, I did manage to get to the gym this week! Me Time! fancy that! but then I had seven pairs of shoes to collect from Sports Direct, apparently my order had it’s own box! We had the financial advisor come over last night so we had to be adults for half an hour or so whilst we discussed money.. always a joy.

This afternoon, the engineer is coming to look at the boiler and tomorrow Hubby has to go to the hospital for his MRI results..

I’m linking with Jocelyn http://www.thereadingresidence.com/word-week-15416/


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