Word of the Week 08/04/2016 Shoes#WotW

If only I hadn’t had the brilliant idea of tidying up under the stairs, which is where the shoes are dumped kept, I would never have discovered just how many pairs of too small, worn out shoes, sandals and trainers were lurking under there and that both kids need to have new ones.  I have spent all week looking for some…

Now, maybe it’s where I live, but the shops round here do not have the greatest selection of shoes for my kids. Madam wears Piedro support boots for the most part, but sometimes I let her wear sandals/trainers if we’re at home or on holiday. Sir is a size 5 1/2..

Our local Clarks, the Great God of Children’s shoes is tucked away in the deepest, darkest corner of Mothercare and only has limited stock. So you go in, get measured, go home, look on the internet, order shoes to the shop, go back, get shoes fitted.. Sir’s idea of hell. They do however let you buy their measuring devices, so I have one and I have the shoes delivered to my home. Even so, the choice of suitable footwear was nil. Next and M&S were just as bad.

Sir has a high arch and needs ankle support, flimsy sandals are worse than useless for Madam. Not all kids can wear standard shoes, and funnily enough, kids over the age of 6 still need shoes. The high street shops seem to have forgotten this.

So I went to Sports Direct’s website. They have trainers with different arch supports, sturdier sandals and even some trainers for me! Seven pairs of shoes and £92 later I’d eventually got what I’d been after.

I didn’t intend this to sound like a rant but hey ho! I might do another post in a minute and vent properly! LOL!

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6 thoughts on “Word of the Week 08/04/2016 Shoes#WotW

  1. Now you know that I am so with you on this from my earlier post this week! We were just fortunate to be away and at a huge outlet village when we realised we needed new shoes so shopping was made a bit easier, though we still had to buy more on returning home. Ahh! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

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