Word of the Week 1/4/2016 Discombobulated #WotW

After seeing the mighty Olivia Colman use the word discombobulated to very great effect in The Night Manager last Sunday, I have been waiting for an excuse to use it myself. Now I can, as it seems the perfect word to sum up this week.

It’s always strange when it’s the school holidays, a bank holiday and hubby has the week off too. A bit like the days following Christmas where they all blend into one. We were intending to go away but for various reasons we are home. Hubby has had a couple of medical appointments with regard to his back – which I am very pleased to say is much better now.

There are other things happening that I won’t go into suffice to say the past 24 hours especially have been most discombobulating.. hopefully it is all behind us now.

I keep saying this lately, but here’s to a better, less discombobulating week next week..

I’m linking with Jocelyn http://www.thereadingresidence.com/word-of-the-week-1416/


16 thoughts on “Word of the Week 1/4/2016 Discombobulated #WotW

  1. Beth @ Twinderelmo

    Great word!!
    I totally agree with the days fuzzing together and you have no idea where about you are! Glad the hub is ok

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