Concert Review Joe Bonamassa Barclaycard Arena Bham 19/3/2016

“Four thousand and six people don’t know where they are tonight!”  announced Joe as he took the mickey out the NIA’s name change 😀 Well we might not of known where we were but we certainly knew why we were there. To see one of if not THE greatest blues guitarist of today perform a two and a quarter hour set with no interval. Which is impressive but given the age range of Joe’s fans from kids to the older generation a break would have been nice! Thankfully they improved the seats at the arena during the refurbishment.

We were sat at the back, but he was only using half the arena so we had a really good view of the whole stage and all the lighting effects, which I have to say, given the simplicity of the set up were really really good, especially during “Oh Beautiful” where the impression of a sort of futuristic, robotic, factory feel was give, smaller lights flickering like sparks of electricity.

Given that we’d only seen Joe in October, he could have done the same set again, but no. This was completely different, the previous concert was a lot of stuff he’s done at his Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks show, a tribute to some real old school blues players. Last night he did songs from his forth coming CD Blues of Desperation along side classics like Sloe Gin, The Balled of John Henry and Love Ain’t a Love Song. I don’t know what the encore was as unfortunately we had to leave the minute he said “Thank you and Goodnight” to make sure we got the train home 😦 public transport or the lack thereof is one of my pet peeves..

That aside, the concert was incredible and 4006 who didn’t know where they were had a fantastic night 😀 The odd six were the number of people on stage 😀 I did take some videos which I’ll post separately.


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