Word of the Week 19/3/2016 Spike #WotW

I could have told any number of stories about this week, it hasn’t been the best.. again.. but I decided that a light hearted post might be better.

I think it was Tuesday, we had half an hour of Spring weather so I thought I’d dry some washing outside. However my rotary airer had other ideas.. I couldn’t get it high enough to cover the little notch that holds the airer up and then I found that the pole was corroded almost all the way round at the base.. I gave it a little push and it fell over.. I trod on the pole and it snapped. Oh dear me I said.

So I put it in the garage out of the way. I was going to go buy another one there and then but the clouds were gathering and I’d been (still am) suffering a cold so I thought no, I’ll stay home.

I got my new airer the next day, it came with a new ground spike, so I thought I’d better get the old spike out. Easy right? dig a bit, loosen the spike a bit and bingo! right? Wrong.

I dug down to Australia and this damn spike wouldn’t move.. I dug up half the lawn and still it wouldn’t budge. I called it every name I could think of and still no. Half an hour later and covered in mud, I eventually and triumphantly pulled the spike out of the ground!

Then I attempted to put the new *spike* in.. but it’s plastic and will need cementing. I tried anyway though. When I set the somewhat wobbly airer up though, it didn’t seem to be high enough for my washing to clear the ground.. I said some more choice words.. then I discovered that there were two buttons to push and if I did that then the whole airer bit would go up to a proper height 😀 Marvellous! So who knows.. by Easter I might have it all sorted and be able to hang washing outside.. and it will probably snow.. :’D

I’m linking with Jocelyn http://www.thereadingresidence.com/word-week-18316/


6 thoughts on “Word of the Week 19/3/2016 Spike #WotW

  1. vswamp27

    And you are right it will snow. Sorry you were not feeling well and then had all the trouble. Next week will be better, so I said–let us see if I am right.

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